Tomas the hero

09/28/2013 12:57

   Heros are the people in the story that "save the day" but I don't think heros are all that heroic. They just wait for the danger to come to them. I think the real heros go looking for danger. The real heros are the ones like me. I don't sit in my bedroom waiting for the villian to pull into my driveway. No way! I run out my front door looking for them.

   When i step out of the door I see my good-for-nothing school.That's where all of the diobalical villiana hide out. THey stay in descize as "teachers" then BOOM! they go wild feeding on students brains and putting unimportant things like math, books, or science into their heads.

   They should be having fun like me. Even though I was once trapped in that cage, I never fell for their evil discizes. I knew they were evil all along. You see, I don't fall for evil... I destroy it.

   Even if those teachers are evil they still can't go up against me so they say, "I can't stand you, Tomas the great! Get out of my evil dome and never come back," They try to stay away from me to this day.

   When I got back from my quest that day my mom-oh, wait no- my sidekick yells at me when she should be cheering. And I think "What is going on? Have you forgotten my great deed?'' Then, I slowly come back into the real world and I see my house, not my castle. My mother, not my sidekick. And I am not Tomas the great. I am Tomas the kid. The kid who daydreams instead of saves the world. The kid who was expelled from school. And the kid who is going to have to deal with a mad Mother. And a furious Father who is about to come home.