1000 piece puzzle

11/29/2013 12:05

Have you ever finished a 1000 piece puzzle? Or have you ever... almost finished one with only one piece left? You look everywhere under the couch, on the floor, but you still don't have a clue where it is. You look and look, determined to find that last piece. Then, you see a puzzle piece staring back at you under the carpet. You pick it up and try to fit it into that empty space. But it refuses to fit. No matter which way you turn it, how hard you try to force it, it  just wont fit. Then, when you lay it on that empty space and step 1, 2, 3 feet back you see that this piece is exactly the opposite of all of the other pieces in the puzzle. You think," Well..., that isn't a piece in this puzzle!" And your search is still on! You also don't have an accomplished puzzle so you try to look everywhere! You search upstairs, downstairs anywhere! And you still can't find it. Then you sit, back down and look at the unfinished 999 piece puzzle. You look. Then, you look a little bit more. You turn the puzzle upside down, backwards, sideways left, sidewards right. And you think something doesn't look right. Like you've been taking other puzzle pieces from different puzzles and putting them in one big unorganized jumble. You think how could I have put totally opposite things together thinking they were a puzzle. Then think maybe if you find the last piece it will make sense. Then, you find it! 


                        In Africa!